Cincinnati Interior DesignerWe’ve all been there…painted the living room…purchased a new sofa…bought a light fixture on line and now we wonder about the real value of hiring a Cincinnati interior designer. After all, “I have a good eye. My friends compliment my furniture choices. Who needs a professional designer? I know what I want…”

The answer is that more “amateur designers” (i.e. the typical homeowner) need professional guidance than care to admit… and when homeowners “go-it-alone” the end result is usually disappointing, more costly, and falls well short of the intended finished product.

What keeps you from hiring a Cincinnati Interior Designer?

Cincinnati Interior DesignersInterior designers are only utilized by the wealthy.

Certainly not true. Our experience demonstrates that designers are used by those who really understand the cost/benefit of using a professional. Remember, the Cincinnati interior designer’s role is to help you realize your vision, not to create a “signature look”. Clients across a wide range of income levels tell us that they would “never again go it alone on a project when updating their home” once they experience what the trained professional’s eye brings to the project. More often than not it includes helping you avoid costly mistakes.

They will force me to buy things I don’t want.

Like that dress my mother-in-law “made me buy”, and then sat in the closet without ever being worn. A worthy Cincinnati interior designer would never subject you to this type of victim hood. Professional designers put you in charge but with their guidance and counsel so you can be informed to make the right decisions.

They only use the most expensive products.

Designers certainly have an eye for quality, but more to the point, they have an eye for value. Remember, value is defined as a product’s cost divided by its useful life. There are tremendous mid range products available at modest price points that can fit your design needs perfectly. The trouble is, finding those products takes experience, resourcefulness, and a wealth of product knowledge. A good Cincinnati interior designer is in the best position to seek out those products which fit your project. And they know the products with proven track records. Plus, designers have access to infinitely more resources than you do. All you will accomplish on your own is web fatigue by endlessly searching.

Cincinnati Interior DesignerI know my home better than any designer.

we all think we know what we want, but… have you had an experience of purchasing a blouse, wearing it once, and placing it back in the closet never to be worn again? Now think about purchasing a large sofa and after a few weeks you turn against it. It just doesn’t quite fit in the room. The shape is right but the fabric and color are all wrong. “I would never do that again!” And guess what. You are stuck with it and you can’t hide it in the closet. You fret about it every day and have no choice but to live with it. A Cincinnati Interior Designer’s eye would have eliminated this mistake and saved you thousands!

My neighbor had a bad experience with a Cincinnati interior designer.

Doesn’t this really depend on how the designer was selected? Was it a friend of a friend? Recall that realtor that was your neighbor’s sister-in-law and drove a nice car, but “Oh what a mistake! She did nothing out of the ordinary to move my property in a tough market. The sale took too long and the selling price was too low”. Avoid this problem be selecting a skilled designer. Take responsibility for checking him/her out in a diligent a manner as you would a sitter for your children or finding a new dentist. If you do the research, you will get a quality designer and your time invested will be time well-spent. Check references. View examples of their work. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Sit with the prospective Cincinnati interior designer and determine whether they ask questions to learn about you, or if they only pitch for a contract. Get to know them. Most importantly, be particularly drawn to that designer who asks questions, follows up with deeper questions for clarity, and then demonstrates that they are listening to you. Two heads are better than one, especially when one of them is a trained and resourceful agent working on your behalf. Great Cincinnati interior designers are out there and when you find one it will change your life.

A Cincinnati Interior Designer adds value and good looks to the finished project.

Let Evolo Design – a Cincinnati Interior Design Team, introduce you to Cincinnati Interior Designers who will turn your vision into reality at a very low cost. Call Today at 513 791 6800. Let us work with you and plan your Cincinnati Interior Designer needs.

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