An Important Element to Your Cincinnati Kitchen Design

Cincinnati Kitchen Design | Evolo Design Cincinnati OHThe new normal in homes today is a striking kitchen. This space is inviting to family and guests, and also endures everyday things like spilled milk and red wine. The space should always be welcoming and good kitchen designers know why.

Inexperienced designers and homeowners who attempt to craft their own kitchen design frequently come up short. Some fall victim to inferior materials. Others fail to understand the holistic component of all great kitchen designs. The flow and eye appealing detail does not follow a formula, but there are design rules that can really make a difference in the finished kitchen.

One area that often falls short is backsplashes. If kitchen design options are limited to a tile, then there is a whole universe of other options that could have proved to be more interesting. Think glass, clear or colored. Think aluminum and metals that can add an element of edginess. Consider sheets of quartz and engraved granite. And the new washable wallpapers deserve a look!

The backsplash should be unified with the wall, becoming part of the wall. It is not attached as an after thought that seems artificial or contrived. And importantly, practicality needs to be kept front and center. Can it be cleaned and maintained easily?

Cincinnati Kitchen Design | Evolo Design Cincinnati OHNoticeable today is a kitchen design trend toward simple cabinetry, clean lines and new materials. This puts more pressure on backsplashes that compliment the cabinetry, not over power them. The beauty of the cabinetry is enhanced, just as the beauty of the backsplash is enhanced when the components are in sync. Great Cincinnati kitchen design is seeking a holistic aura in the kitchen that goes beyond granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Another error in kitchen design is to force the backsplash to make a statement. Recall the now dated concept of feature walls? Good design has moved on. If the backsplash becomes the focus of the room, then balance is lost and our reaction is that something here doesn’t feel right. Good design seeks congruency and allows all the pieces to play well together.

A simple touch to add impact to your Cincinnati kitchen design

Mistakes in kitchen design occur when the backsplash only defines the space between the cabinets and counters. Think about the bigger picture. The backsplash is an architectural feature that helps to shape the room and allows visual flow between all components. Design is compromised when windows are not properly incorporated with the backsplash. When the backsplash becomes part of the wall and visually integrated with everything in the kitchen, it will not steal attention. Instead, it will feel like an important element in the master scheme to beautify and complete your Cincinnati kitchen design.

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