A MOM’S DAY IS ALREADY FULL How many times have you tried to update your favorite space only to be derailed by the daily hustle and bustle of being a mom? Try as you might the distractions are many. That new mirror you bought is still in your car waiting to be returned because to […]

An Important Element to Your Cincinnati Kitchen Design The new normal in homes today is a striking kitchen. This space is inviting to family and guests, and also endures everyday things like spilled milk and red wine. The space should always be welcoming and good kitchen designers know why. Inexperienced designers and homeowners who attempt […]

Let’s begin our kitchen remodeling project with the elements that most often stump the homeowner when considering color in the kitchen. 1. Not really defining the colors you like. You have an opinion about the colors you like for your kitchen remodeling project, so say so. In the natural order of things, we all have […]

Perhaps you have observed a neighbor who took on a Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project solo because he/she “had a great handyman who can do anything”. When the project was finished, it looked “nice” but didn’t quite hit the mark. Your neighbor spent a lot of money and personal time and got an average kitchen when […]

We’ve all been there…painted the living room…purchased a new sofa…bought a light fixture on line and now we wonder about the real value of hiring a Cincinnati interior designer. After all, “I have a good eye. My friends compliment my furniture choices. Who needs a professional designer? I know what I want…” The answer is […]

So you think you want to manage your own home renovation project? Consider this carefully when beginning a remodeling project: Can I afford to hire a professional? Can I afford NOT to hire a professional? Home Renovation is a Challenge Home renovation projects are wrought with decisions, limited by budgets and challenged by design constraints. […]

Many of us get started on our Cincinnati home improvements or design projects but we have the wrong starting point. Instead of researching and gathering information to task our creative side, we plunge head-long into a premature buying decision. After all, we have waited a long time to do this make-over and anxious to get […]

They finally decided on a fabric for the new sofa. The selected color was perfect. The saleslady at the furniture store had a very good eye for color to match their room and it would fit well with a favorite leather chair destined to be incorporated into the overall scheme. Then delivery. Something didn’t look […]

I recently set out on a mission to find the perfect chair for a project. I thought to myself, “What makes a perfect chair…is it the construction, the fabric, the price?” I know all of those things are very important, and as an interior designer I value all of those things. Perfect Chair Search If […]