What really makes Cincinnati interior design beautiful and enduring, and not just a flash of pre-teen enthusiasm for sequined pink shoes? What are the principles of interior design that are built to last? We are universally drawn to good interior design and great beauty, but may not know why. Part of the human condition is […]

They finally decided on a fabric for the new sofa. The selected color was perfect. The saleslady at the furniture store had a very good eye for color to match their room and it would fit well with a favorite leather chair destined to be incorporated into the overall scheme. Then delivery. Something didn’t look […]

Downsizing allows a homeowner to enjoy a new point of view. This chic new space is a result of a professional relationship between the homeowner and senior designer Randy Basselman. Randy explains the concept by saying, “It is a mixture of different aspects from different periods brought together.” You can read the entire feature at HouseTrends’ website. Click the link below.


I recently set out on a mission to find the perfect chair for a project. I thought to myself, “What makes a perfect chair…is it the construction, the fabric, the price?” I know all of those things are very important, and as an interior designer I value all of those things. Perfect Chair Search If […]