A MOM’S DAY IS ALREADY FULL How many times have you tried to update your favorite space only to be derailed by the daily hustle and bustle of being a mom? Try as you might the distractions are many. That new mirror you bought is still in your car waiting to be returned because to […]

What really makes Cincinnati interior design beautiful and enduring, and not just a flash of pre-teen enthusiasm for sequined pink shoes? What are the principles of interior design that are built to last? We are universally drawn to good interior design and great beauty, but may not know why. Part of the human condition is […]

We’ve all been there…painted the living room…purchased a new sofa…bought a light fixture on line and now we wonder about the real value of hiring a Cincinnati interior designer. After all, “I have a good eye. My friends compliment my furniture choices. Who needs a professional designer? I know what I want…” The answer is […]

We’ve all had experiences in problem solving where we yielded only to our logical and computational brain [known as our “Left Brain”]. We may have experienced trouble with this approach because something very important was ignored, and that is the emotional side of our being [“Right Brain”]. Guided thinking about interior design projects will lead […]

Many of us get started on our Cincinnati home improvements or design projects but we have the wrong starting point. Instead of researching and gathering information to task our creative side, we plunge head-long into a premature buying decision. After all, we have waited a long time to do this make-over and anxious to get […]

Downsizing allows a homeowner to enjoy a new point of view. This chic new space is a result of a professional relationship between the homeowner and senior designer Randy Basselman. Randy explains the concept by saying, “It is a mixture of different aspects from different periods brought together.” You can read the entire feature at HouseTrends’ website. Click the link below.