Cabinet knobs and pulls – beautiful jewels in Kitchen and Bathrooms Cabinet hardware for kitchens and bathrooms goes beyond function. It provides opportunity to freshen and beautify that space that you intend to update. With that comes the challenge to select the right look and finish for your kitchen and bathroom. Some knobs and pulls […]

An Important Element to Your Cincinnati Kitchen Design The new normal in homes today is a striking kitchen. This space is inviting to family and guests, and also endures everyday things like spilled milk and red wine. The space should always be welcoming and good kitchen designers know why. Inexperienced designers and homeowners who attempt […]

Let’s begin our kitchen remodeling project with the elements that most often stump the homeowner when considering color in the kitchen. 1. Not really defining the colors you like. You have an opinion about the colors you like for your kitchen remodeling project, so say so. In the natural order of things, we all have […]

Perhaps you have observed a neighbor who took on a Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project solo because he/she “had a great handyman who can do anything”. When the project was finished, it looked “nice” but didn’t quite hit the mark. Your neighbor spent a lot of money and personal time and got an average kitchen when […]