Let’s begin our kitchen remodeling project with the elements that most often stump the homeowner when considering color in the kitchen. 1. Not really defining the colors you like. You have an opinion about the colors you like for your kitchen remodeling project, so say so. In the natural order of things, we all have […]

They finally decided on a fabric for the new sofa. The selected color was perfect. The saleslady at the furniture store had a very good eye for color to match their room and it would fit well with a favorite leather chair destined to be incorporated into the overall scheme. Then delivery. Something didn’t look […]

I recently set out on a mission to find the perfect chair for a project. I thought to myself, “What makes a perfect chair…is it the construction, the fabric, the price?” I know all of those things are very important, and as an interior designer I value all of those things. Perfect Chair Search If […]