An Important Element to Your Cincinnati Kitchen Design The new normal in homes today is a striking kitchen. This space is inviting to family and guests, and also endures everyday things like spilled milk and red wine. The space should always be welcoming and good kitchen designers know why. Inexperienced designers and homeowners who attempt […]

It made sense to Prisbet Yanes, senior kitchen and bath designer for Evolo Design, that the couple would want to address their master bathroom. “The bathroom is where you start your day and where you end your day,” she says. If you are putting your needs first, this seems like a logical place to start. […]

We’ve all had experiences in problem solving where we yielded only to our logical and computational brain [known as our “Left Brain”]. We may have experienced trouble with this approach because something very important was ignored, and that is the emotional side of our being [“Right Brain”]. Guided thinking about interior design projects will lead […]