Cincinnati Kitchen RemodelingPerhaps you have observed a neighbor who took on a Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project solo because he/she “had a great handyman who can do anything”. When the project was finished, it looked “nice” but didn’t quite hit the mark. Your neighbor spent a lot of money and personal time and got an average kitchen when it could have been so much more. This is why the trained eye of a professional Cincinnati kitchen remodeling specialist or interior designer who specializes in kitchens makes all the difference.

In a typical kitchen remodel you already know there are dozens of decisions to be made. What you may not know is that the decision count is likely 400 to 500, with each decision impacting either the function or form of the room. The amateur kitchen designers (i.e. homeowners) lament is, “I wish I would have done it differently.” What started as a cost saving measure actually ended up costing even more. Let us explain:

Avoid these costly mistakes with your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project.

Cincinnati Kitchen RemodelingNot seeing the plans on paper.

A drawing or plan crystallizes everyone’s thinking and allows for revisions. They allow your vision to come to life before the construction process even begins. Plans evolve from the concept phase to develop fully as more and more layers of detail are added. Making revisions before the job begins is a whole lot cheaper. There still may be some decisions made on the fly, but they will be minimized due to disciplined, collaborative, pre-construction planning. If your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling expert isn’t listening to you, or isn’t leading the discussion, find another one. A good designer will change your life for the better.

Skimping on materials.

There really is a difference between the big box store’s $14 a gallon paint and the recognized name brand at $38 a gallon. In fact, the labor cost for applying the former will far exceed the “cost savings”. Similarly, don’t fall victim to “doing it on the cheap” when it comes to materials in your kitchen that you will live with for years. Remember, value can be defined as a product’s cost divided by the length of its useful life. A note of caution here, though. Don’t over-spend either. There are great options out there in the mid range which provide great value. Experienced Cincinnati kitchen remodeling experts know the proven success rate of certain products and what will work for the long haul. Find yourself a reliable and competent kitchen design professional who knows the difference.

Rushing through the planning process.

You have made the decision to change the kitchen. A certain eagerness now takes root and you want your vision to materialize so you can quickly enjoy your new kitchen or have it ready for an upcoming party you are hosting. However, when early planning gets rushed because designers feel your pressure and want to make you happy, then key elements get missed. Taking the time to review every detail is definitely worth the time and effort considering your new kitchen will be around for 20 plus years. Most of the 400 to 500 details should be worked out before the job begins. Here are some big ones your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling expert should be paying close attention to: The interaction between your kitchen and adjacent rooms; Door swings and hinging; Counter heights, including varying counter heights for function or look; Aisle widths anticipating expected traffic flow; Lighting type and placement; Sink configuration and hardware; Plumbing and water supply lines (don’t forget about the water line to the fridge); Ventilation requirements and visual integration; Flooring material and assessment of subfloor integrity; Window placements and style (Wider? Taller? Need to relocate? What would add more drama to the room?)

Under-designing the cabinetry.

You may be surprised to learn that some “remodeled” kitchens actually wind up with less storage space than the original kitchen. That’s ok if that was the plan, but usually the goal is quite the opposite. We are talking about cabinet volume and functional features here. Efficient cabinet design fully utilizes all the spaces, such as rear cabinet spaces, corners and high shelves. Those big box solutions are a compromise, and when you get right down to it, not much less either. Your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling expert works with you in selecting the right cabinetry plan so as to maximize storage in a visually pleasing form. Cincinnati Kitchen RemodelingIt is also about durability and long life. When low end cabinets are selected, what was thought to be a compromise due to price ends up being a loser.

Substandard flooring.

Do-It-Yourselfers often find seconds or “factory overruns” of tile or hardwood appealing because of price. But there are problems with tiles that are not consistently sized in length/width/height. Those desired narrow grout lines are not attainable and as they widen it shows the project was done on the cheap. The discounted pre-finished wood flooring has the same issue. The large gaps appearing after installation are something homeowners are stuck with. This is an illustration of false-economy. And we have not even talked about the limitations on color/species options that prohibited the floors from being what it should be, the foundation of a great kitchen. You don’t have to settle for ‘make-do’. Your Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling expert can find the right flooring material to perfectly fit your needs.

Choosing the wrong appliances.

There is a difference and as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, but what is it that you need? Why go low end on the gas range when you are a great cook and require fine calibration of burners at the lower temperatures? Does your current oven have hot and cool spots? Convection is the new norm and will eliminate the variation. Are you purchasing a refrigerator unit because of its large volume but didn’t realize it is 32” deep and will stick out past your cabinet fronts by 8”? Are you trying to integrate the unit into the surrounding cabinetry? What about energy savings, warranties, and durability records? Buying appliances with functionality and durability is a science, and a professional Cincinnati kitchen remodeling expert knows how to lead you in making the right selection.

With proper planning, your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project is a happy memory for life.

Let Evolo Design – your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling experts, introduce you to kitchen remodeling for lifetime satisfaction. Call us today at 513 791 6800. Let us work with you and plan your Cincinnati kitchen remodeling needs.

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