Evolo Design Cincinnati OH | Getting to Know Us

As the owner of Evolo Design in Cincinnati, OH I wanted to express my appreciation and personally thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Our team of interior designers is gifted in specialized areas including space planning, architectural kitchen and bath design, furnishings, accessories, and residential remodeling.

In technical terms, Evolo Design Cincinnati provides interior design services, products, and installation services to Cincinnati area homeowners.

But we like to think about what we do here a little bit differently. Our focus is on the human or emotional side. Our clients have a unique set of challenges whether they are facing a single room makeover or a whole-house renovation. What they really want and what we really provide is happiness!

Evolo Design Cincinnati Delivers Happiness!

We provide them with trusted counsel, expertise, organization, and peace of mind during the design and installation process. We empower our clients so that they can make proper decisions for the long term. We help to create fresh, new environments in which they are proud to host family or friends and a place that reflects their personality and life style.

Visit our studio in Old Montgomery or visit us online at www.EvoloDesign.com to see how Evolo Design in Cincinnati, OH can help you with your project.

Evolo Design
7813 Ted Gregory Ln
Cincinnati OH 45242
513 791 6800

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