Sarah Thomas Evolo Design Cincinnati OHMany of us get started on our Cincinnati home improvements or design projects but we have the wrong starting point. Instead of researching and gathering information to task our creative side, we plunge head-long into a premature buying decision. After all, we have waited a long time to do this make-over and anxious to get to the end result. But details are important, and there are things we can do to prepare for purchasing selections that will make the decisions stress free and mistake-free! We can actually enjoy making our Cincinnati home improvements.

Home Improvements Need a Plan

Define what you want to accomplish. What home improvements would you like to make? Re paint? New furniture? Create new focal point in the room? Redesign for new feel and balance in the room? Then write it down and two days later read it again and make edits. This process will crystallize what really functions best in your home, and forces you to think about how you want the room(s) to feel.

Remember that less-is-more. Great home improvement selections of quality furniture and accessories are more attractive than an over-stuffed room. A great design secret is that balance and simplicity lead to freshness and beauty. However, this isn’t always easy to accomplish. Remember home improvements take effort.

Review magazines and web sites for the look and feel you find compelling, then figure out what speaks to you and what common themes you keep gravitating toward. Consider what matters in your Cincinnati home improvements goals.

Enjoy the home improvement experience

Let yourself feel the pull. Furniture choice is an art. Fabric and cushion combinations are confusing. Complimentary chair and fabric combinations can hit a home run or be really off the mark and ineffective. When you clarify for yourself the desired colors and style you want to incorporate, in your home improvements, then selections become easier. Choices logically follow what you established as important on the front end.

Understand the difference between space-planning and interior design. The former defines how space will be utilized and how things fit. The other focuses on comfort and well being in the home. Everything is addressed that involves walls, windows, floors, furniture and accessories. You don’t necessarily do it all at once, but you think about it all. Your mind will fit the pieces all together if you allow it. This is the bigger picture of home improvements.

Determine when to involve that secondary decision maker. We all hate to be second-guessed. That spouse who didn’t want to make all those visits to furniture stores or go through dozens of online catalogs is sitting in the wings waiting his/her turn to comment. Seek those comments early but not before setting the stage with the above points A, B, C and D. The mind craves structure.

When planning Cincinnati home improvements, keep in mind that too-much is distracting. Too much color takes away from your focal point. Too much furniture takes on the look and feel of a furniture store and does not to calm. Too many accessories create mental clutter and conflict. Yes, this home is about you, but it is also about all those who enter. Properly done, your selections will be perceived as beautiful by everyone who enters. They will have no idea about how much thought you put into this to get it right. The process is one to be enjoyed, not feared. Determine if professional help is needed. There is a place for them.

Assess project complexity. Where your time is limited, there is a great added value in utilizing a professional interior designer who understands everything discussed here, and more. The trained professional researches every detail and makes judgments about fit-and-finish before making those final recommendations. They will do the research so you don’t have to. After all home improvements is their business.


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