Evolo Design | Interior Design CincinnatiWhat really makes Cincinnati interior design beautiful and enduring, and not just a flash of pre-teen enthusiasm for sequined pink shoes? What are the principles of interior design that are built to last?

We are universally drawn to good interior design and great beauty, but may not know why. Part of the human condition is to know when we like something even though we cannot explain why. We just do. There are certain elements that grab as our core.

It is recognized that the color green is linked to nature and food producing plants. That promise of nourishment partly explains why we see green in hospitals, classrooms and workspace. A little color in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity. Good interior design is part of that process.

Similarly, the magical proportions of the 5×8 rectangle demonstrated in the new digital television screens makes the older computer monitors and televisions look particularly unattractive. The eye is more at ease with 5×8. We have a natural preference for this proportion but cannot verbalize why. Look at the proportion of books in your home, credit cards and artwork and then test the thesis for yourself. Good designers understand the concept and apply it.

The same goes for patterns. We know trees, rivers and coastlines are beautiful. Having just the right amount of density in the image, the photograph, the mural and in the design of fabric is not just appealing to our brains, but to our sense of well-being and purpose.

Evolo Design | Cincinnati Interior DesignGreat design is closer to art than it is to science. The design of beautiful things, from your home to the automobile you drive, is a special talent the few do-it-yourself at home interior designers possess. The world of effective designers is small but mighty. The few unique souls who have mastered the feeling for what makes things beautiful are rare and when you encounter one, there is a lot to be learned from them. Great interior design in Cincinnati is a true art.

At Evolo Design in Cincinnati, OH we use concepts like balance, color, and texture to communicate. But what really communicates is a mock up of a finished product that draws the reaction of, “Glad I didn’t attempt this on my own”, and “I never would have thought those elements would work well together, but look at how great that appears”. This is the result of more than a creative process; it requires creative genius.

We love to hear, “how did you ever come up with that idea.” And know it cannot be explained. Great interior Design is quiet and powerful.

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