Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware | Cincinnati OHCabinet knobs and pulls – beautiful jewels in Kitchen and Bathrooms

Cabinet hardware for kitchens and bathrooms goes beyond function. It provides opportunity to freshen and beautify that space that you intend to update. With that comes the challenge to select the right look and finish for your kitchen and bathroom. Some knobs and pulls look good but feel inferior. You want hardware that lasts and looks new for at least 10 years, the typical life of a kitchen between makeovers. So it is important to choose wisely.

Determine the look you want in your kitchen and bathroom. Start by finding quality hardware and taking home multiple samples. Vary styles and finishes and become comfortable with what works for you. When something fits, you will know it. There are more great styles available for your kitchen and bathrooms, than what you see at big-box retailers.

Stay with quality. Cheaper hardware means thinner finishes and pull and knobs that will not retain lasting beauty. Find long lasting finishes and ask about warranties. Also be aware of ‘finger-feel’, as lesser quality hardware feels inferior. When touching a piece of jewelry, you don’t want it to feel flimsy, and you do not want this for your kitchen and bathroom hardware either.
Replacement hardware is challenging. Either the previous drill holes need to align or backplates are needed to hide them. Be aware that backplates change the look in your space. Also pay attention to hinge color and shape so that knobs and pulls are consistent and sync with the rest of the room. Today there is quality hardware, for kitchen and bathrooms that is made to match aged hinges that have tarnished over time.

Kitchen or bathroom makeover without changing the knobs and pulls could result in a ‘make-do’ renovation that is not wholly satisfying. New hardware is considered a low cost, high benefit addition and adds accent to your kitchen and bathrooms redo.

Plan for 10 years. Remember that you will touch the hardware thousands of times and you will be reminded constantly about the quality and finish of what you selected. You are going to live with it, so choose carefully. This is the time to select something that you know will feel right in your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware | Cincinnati OH

Perfectly fine to mix kitchen and bathrooms finishes and styles

Consider mixing finishes and styles. Hardware on the kitchen center island can be different than the wall cabinets, and the variety can add tremendous interest if done properly. Also, base cabinets can be outfitted with different hardware than the upper cabinets. The idea here is to be interesting and not distracting. Hardware can be different yet very complimentary. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from a good Cincinnati interior designer.

Getting creative with cabinet hardware can come off as either exciting or silly. The array of quality knobs and pulls today is unrivaled, and can be daunting for the uninitiated. When done well, the impact of proper hardware makes a grand statement in your kitchen and bathrooms appearance. You will have achieved that finished look for beautiful kitchen and bathrooms simply by applying attention to the hardware.

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