Jay Takach Evolo Design Cincinnati OHLet’s begin our kitchen remodeling project with the elements that most often stump the homeowner when considering color in the kitchen.

1. Not really defining the colors you like. You have an opinion about the colors you like for your kitchen remodeling project, so say so. In the natural order of things, we all have preferences. And color is no different. The colors you choose are an extension of you. Do you dress like New York or is it more like Los Angeles? Or a little bit of both. Write down what you like to crystallize your thinking.

2. Not seeing the most significant element with which to harmonize the color. Nothing should scream at the wall color, so what is the critical stand-out in your kitchen where color needs to align, i.e., floors? cabinetry? counter tops?

3. Fear of contrasts. You can kill blandness with colors, however too much contrast in kitchen remodeling confuses harmony and feels uncomfortable. Too little contrast can result if you fear color, with a boring result. You can have a color pallet that is exciting without going overboard.

4. Afraid of what is old. You have heard the saying, “what was old is new again.” There were lots of design ideas in the 50’s and 60’s that should stay buried, but there were also great ideas the have endured. Take a look at design magazines and note the styles and colors of transitional or modern furniture. Then let yourself “see” the best of the retro look in your kitchen remodeling efforts. Orange and turquoise are back. Wood is certainly beautiful, but there are now multiple non-wood products that are delightful.

5. Refusal to consider wallpaper. We have all fretted with removal of old wallpaper and probably said, “never again.” This is now worth considering in the world of great kitchen remodeling design. There are wallpaper options with great colors and textures that really brighten spaces in kitchens and family rooms that may have been neglected. Accent walls with a spark of designer flair can make the day. And new wall prep technologies make changing out wallpaper much easier

6. Fear of too much color. This is a tough one because color schemes can be botched with many do-it-yourselves. However there is a definite place for example, to use colored kitchen cabinets that run the full gamut of the color range. Lots of laminated cabinets are being installed that are color-pleasing, unique and extremely durable. And if you have not looked lately, you will be impressed with the array of wood cabinets also finished in color. With wood you get texture plus color. If selected properly, these cabinets are enduring and provide a completely new approach to kitchen remodeling color.

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  1. Lorie and Chris Lewis Mar 10, 2018

    Hi Jay! You worked with our neighbors, the Millers, and my husband goes on and on about how much he like their space. We have a couple projects around our home that we would like to consult with you about. Pleas let me know if you have some availability to meet and discuss the project.

    Lorie Lewis

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