Tricia Spang Evolo Design Team Cincinnati OHA MOM’S DAY IS ALREADY FULL
How many times have you tried to update your favorite space only to be derailed by the daily hustle and bustle of being a mom? Try as you might the distractions are many. That new mirror you bought is still in your car waiting to be returned because to your eye it didn’t fit in the intended place. Or that new rug…you know the one…with the big geometric print you saw in your favorite home magazine. It’ now in your great room and does not match any of your furniture or wall color. With this trial-and-error, this was an error. Or your walls are full of polka-dots as you try to pick a new color from the dozen sample paints you have purchased at the local hardware store. All occurring simultaneously as you do laundry, plan dinner, drive kids to sports practice and go to the grocery store because you volunteered to bring in the snack today at junior’s school. It’s little wonder why our homes don’t look like the pages of those home magazines. Yet we are women who know what we want. We are educated, articulate women who know how to keep all the moving pieces and parts of our growing families on time and flowing. We want a beautiful space to raise our families and create cherished memories for our children. We need the help of an Interior Designer.

Why do we think we are failures if we can’t make our home look like it’s out of the pages of a magazine? After all we hire people to cut our hair, color our hair, polish our toenails and press our clothes….are we unable to do these things? Of course not! What years and life have taught us, is that there are others who specialize in doing things and produce a better result. When we know that someone has specific expertise, we receive higher quality, with more efficient and consistent results. So, why would we think that sorting through 1000’s of fabrics to choose the best color, weight and texture, let alone style for our window treatments, will be easy? We will pay someone to hem our dresses but not help us pick out our couches? That is why 90% of homes have a couch in some shade of brown! You may not have noticed that but that is what designers understand.

Pottery Barn Kids Magazine alone has close to 50 choices for curtains in children’s rooms using only white in two basic styles….only white! And you want something a little different yet classic for your great room? Did you know that a sheer drape will hang differently than a twill? Did you also know that some unlined embroidered curtains will throw off funny shadows on the walls and cause a skittish sleeper more anxiety in the dark? The products we moms put in our homes affect our families. This is where the experience and insight of a good designer is invaluable. Children’s day care facilities and Montessori schools spend 100’s of man hours and dollars planning the precise layout and colors of the facility because children are impacted by the space they inhabit. So are moms and teachers. Studies have long shown that colors stimulate our brains in different ways eliciting different emotions and reactions. Intellectually you get it, but what to do is a puzzle.

Shapes, spacing and flow impact not only beauty but also organization and family cohesiveness. How do you want your house to feel? Tough to verbalize, but the best designers encourage you to think about how you want to interact with your children now and in the future as they grow? Where do you need to have flexibility? You say the large upstairs play room is great for the boys to have their friends over and play however, will you still think so when those friends are teenagers and include pretty girls?

Your family also has a story, and it continues to evolve every day. Have you thought about how you are going to tell that story through colors, textures, styles, fabrics, & accessories in lasting materials that will enhance the well-being of you, your children and your spouse? Easy concepts to understand, but difficult to execute. Are you going to pick some shade of brown couch with a bright rug and wonder why the only place that that feels like family and love are the framed pictures of loved ones on the shelves? Make some phone calls and interview a few designers. Decide on the questions that are most important. Find someone who understands and identifies with you… then ask them to help! You can make a most informed decision with a little advance preparation before that meeting. There is no point yielding to suggestions from a furniture store clerk. Find that balance of what you thought was ‘urgent’ and what is really important for you and your home. If your toes and hair are worth professional help don’t you think the space your family loves, cries and grows in is worth a whole lot more? Those rooms in the magazines can be yours, find a Cincinnati interior designer you instinctively trust and let them lead you!

Good Luck, I am sure you will love your results!

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