Prisbet Yanes Evolo Design Team Cincinnati OHWe’ve all had experiences in problem solving where we yielded only to our logical and computational brain [known as our “Left Brain”]. We may have experienced trouble with this approach because something very important was ignored, and that is the emotional side of our being [“Right Brain”]. Guided thinking about interior design projects will lead to a well balanced solution. Decisions should allow for emotional content and room-feel. The finished design is more than a work of art; it is psychologically compelling and restful. The tone is perfect. So how is this accomplished?

5 Tips to Dream Interior Design

Interior Design Cincinnati OH1. You have a right to your own opinion, so know what it is. Write down a few sentences of what you want your room(s) to accomplish. State the desired feeling when one enters that space. Writing will clarify your interior design thinking.

2. Give yourself permission to move to the emotional side. Pragmatism has its place, but it shouldn’t dominate your space. Pragmatic designs and selections will get you a room full of furniture, but not a room full of happiness. You have a right to your opinion about what pleases you and a professional interior designer will be quick to pick up on this.

3. Trust someone to give you guidance. Understand where your trust levels are high, and if not high enough to suit you, find someone else. Understand where your confidence levels are with those people you select. Be ruthless about their credibility and authenticity, and if there is any question, find another. In the world of interior design with literally thousands of combinations of ideas, you need someone to help sort through the maize. Major projects require major guidance.

4. Understand the context of “You”. We are products of all our experiences that came before. There were events and situations that formed who you are and what you feel. Use that context to rule in or rule out elements in interior design that you feel strongly about.

5. Allow yourself to dream. With your project this is your time to dream and to meet the challenge of determining what is most appealing for you. Unlike buying a pair of shoes, a whole-room design will have a long life, and this adds to the seriousness of the endeavor. What the finished project says about you is going to be decided around what you state at the outset as important to you.

Embrace your Interior Design Dream

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