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I recently set out on a mission to find the perfect chair for a project. I thought to myself, “What makes a perfect chair…is it the construction, the fabric, the price?” I know all of those things are very important, and as an interior designer I value all of those things.

Perfect Chair Search

If you Google “chair”, you will get 589,000,000 results. With countless options on the market, and chairs that will do anything from massages your back, to raise your feet. How in the world does one find the perfect chair? In my eyes the perfect chair search always begins with a basic understanding of who this chair is for. How is this chair going to be used, and what will this chair say in the overall design of a space.


I love this Louis XVI style round back chair….is this the perfect chair? It certainly has lasted the test of time; it has survived for centuries on its classic and elegant styling. But if you understand that the client in which this chair is chosen, is a large male and has a passion for hunting, guns, and cars. This is probably not the best chair for his den.


This Chair has great clean lines, and is covered in an soft, yet durable leather. I would say this would be a better option for my client and would meet the needs of my over-all design needs. Since my client likes to relax, and enjoying visiting guest on a more in formal atmosphere, this would provide him with the seating he would need. It also helps give me start to the over “feeling” of the space. By this chairs selection, I can begin to start the overall concept of the space.



By understanding my clients needs, and what how they are going to be living in the space, I can select the perfect chair. As an interior design professional, we are asked all the time about our style. It always is very hard for me to answer that question. I always try to have a well thought-out design; that is a reflection of the client’s style. Understanding what makes them tick, what brands they buy, what car they drive and what colors they like, I can begin to understand their style. This is how I can help select the perfect chair…and begin to design a room design specifically for each one of my clients.


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