The bath is now a place to relax, pamper yourself, and wind down after a busy day.

But bathroom renovations can tax even the most experienced designer and builder because combining water, plumbing and electricity in one beautiful, peaceful space requires not only creative design, but superior planning.

Our clients appreciate progressing through the Evolo Design planning process before moving into the construction phase. Our expertise in construction is unique in the design industry, and a great client value. While we always want to capture the emotional side of bathroom design, 60 to 70 percent of bathroom renovation budget costs are in materials. That’s why the planning phase is so very important.

Evolo Design’s Cincinnati team has unique construction expertise. Our clients benefit from our ability to quickly and accurately predict the cost and impact of design decisions from the outset of a design project. They also take comfort in knowing their bathroom renovation project will be run professionally and held to Evolo’s premium standards.

Ready to move ahead to creating a flawless, finished spa in your bathroom? Contact our Cincinnati OH office, in beautiful Olde Montgomery, with a click. There is no extra charge for the happiness we’ll deliver.


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